The Hebrides are so very special that for me it is a real challenge to recreate their colours, moods, ambience and sounds in a way that helps me to truly relive my Hebridean memories. Creating abstract images to soften the detail and emphasise light, emotion and atmosphere helps me to return to those magical dreamlike moments when my spirit was free and my mind was at peace…

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Dunes III
Horizons VI
Horizons V
Horizons IV
Horizons III
Horizons I
Silver Morning V
Silver Morning VI
Silver Morning VII
Through Silver Dunes V
Through Silver Dunes IV
Iona Marble Quarry VIII
Iona Marble Quarry VI
Iona Marble Quarry VII
Iona Marble Quarry III
Iona Marble Quarry II
Iona Marble Quarry I
Skerries in Silver X
Skerries in Silver VIII
Skerries in Silver V
Skerries in Silver IV
Skerries in Silver III
Skerries in Silver II
Island Bluebells X
Island Bluebells VI
Island Bluebells IX
Staffa - Into the blue
Hebridean Layers
Silver Sound I
Silver Sound II
Silver Sound III
Silver Sound IV
Silver Sound V
Silver Sound VI
Silver Sound VII
Silver Sound VIII
Evening Dunes I
Evening Dunes II
Evening Dunes III
Evening Dunes IV
Marram Lights I
Marram Lights II
By heath and marsh I
By heath and marsh II
Hebridean Lochan VIII
Hebridean Lochan IX
Hebridean Lochan VII
Hebridean Lochan VI
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