- when in some future time I shall sit in a madly crowded assembly with music and dancing round me, and the wish arises to retire into the loneliest loneliness, I shall think of Iona -

Mendelssohn - Glasgow August 10, 1829


Iona is so very special - a magical island of rare peace and exceptional beauty … a refuge for the heart and soul … a tonic for the mind …

The most recent images were made during a visit to the island in May 2017, enjoying spells of the most gorgeous silver light shining across marram dunes and ruffled sea ~ precious moments spent watching terns, divers, mergansers and gannets fishing in the silver blue Sound  ~ a tranquil early morning with pipits atop Dun I ~ and colourful daydreams amongst the bluebells by the Abbey and St Oran's Chapel, sparkling in warm sunshine after showers.

More Iona images appear in the Hebridean Abstracts, Monochrome Hebrides, and Plant Details Galleries, and also as projects on Behance.

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Dunes III
Reedbeds ~ Writing in the sky II...
Reedbeds ~ Writing in the sky II
Reedbeds ~ Writing in the sky I
Gannets II
Oystercatchers II
Oystercatchers I
Through Silver Dunes V
Through Silver Dunes IV
Through Silver Dunes II
Through Silver Dunes I
Iona Marble Quarry VIII
Iona Marble Quarry VI
Iona Marble Quarry VII
Iona Marble Quarry III
Iona Marble Quarry II
Iona Marble Quarry I
Skerries in Silver X
Skerries in Silver VIII
Skerries in Silver IV
Skerries in Silver III
Skerries in Silver II
Island Bluebells X
Island Bluebells VI
Island Bluebells IX
Abbey Bluebells III
Abbey Bluebells II
Abbey Bluebells I
Silver Sound III
Silver Sound II
Silver Sound I
Evening Dunes IV
Evening Dunes III
Evening Dunes II
Evening Dunes I
Marram Lights II
Marram Lights I
Silver Sound VIII
Silver Sound VII
Silver Sound VI
Silver Sound V
Silver Sound IV
Hebridean Layers
Iona Bluebells I
Iona Bluebells II
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