An unexpected return to the Outer Hebrides in October brought precious moments of gorgeous light, beautiful colour palettes, and a special kind of inner peace (if just for a little while. . .  .  .   .    .).

If I close my eyes I can still taste the sea salt on my lips, hear the the immense rolling breakers crashing to the shore, and feel the wind whipping my hair into knots.

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Sea Spray Flying I
Sea Spray Flying II
Sea Spray Flying III
Sea Spray Flying V
Sea Spray Flying VI
Sea Spray Flying VII
From Night to Day I
From Night to Day III
From Night to Day IV
From Night to Day V
From Night to Day VI
From Night to Day VII
Wired I
Wired III
Wired IV
Dark Pool Gazing I
Dark Pool Gazing II
Dark Pool Gazing III
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