I love the minimalism of monochrome images (often with a tiny hint of colour), enjoying their reliance on contrast, line and shape, their emphasis on texture and pattern, and their often abstract nature…

More black and white images can be found in the Sylvania and Plant Details Galleries.

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Surfing Solitude
Pier II
"Kitti-wake Kitti-wake"
"Kitti-wake Kitti-wake"
Sea Dancer VI
Sea Dancer V
Sea Dancer IV
Sea Dancer III
Sea Dancer II
Sea Dancer I
By the light of the moon X
By the light of the moon VII
By the light of the moon III
Saltburn Surf VI
Liquid Silver
Liquid Silver II
Early Morning, Late Arrival
Saltburn Surf I
Early morning Coniston Water
Waiting Coniston Water
Saltburn Shimmers
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