The coastline of North Yorkshire has enchanted me throughout my life - in all seasons, weathers and moods. Many recent images come from time enjoyed walking along local sea cliffs, where the spirits of two worlds intermingle, and the edges become blurred.

Similarly the North York Moors captivate and fascinate, with their many layers being very slowly revealed and enjoyed.

Roseberry Topping is our local landmark, and I was privileged to live and work at its foot for eleven years. I observed it through the seasons, in all its different moods and hues, and in return Roseberry Topping watched over as we worked through the farming calendar.

There are many more North Yorkshire images in the More Monochrome and Sylvania Galleries.

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Beach Blizzard Saltburn
Winter Wonderland
Huntcliff Icicles Saltburn
Roseberry Montage
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