The Outer Hebrides - a very special landscape - the gift of a different pace of life and Hebridean character on a glorious scale, with vast views, intimate details, and infinite variety …

One of the binding attractions of the islands is the way the landscape leaps from inviting sandy beaches and flower spangled machair, to lonely rocky lunar scenes, treacherously vertical sea cliffs, vast and looming bogs and moors, and towering mountain ranges.

There is a presence here, and a richness of life that is mesmerising and magical, drawing me in, and holding me spellbound …

The flowers of the machair, moors and dunes delight me with their profusion, diversity and beauty, triggering macro work, wet knees and a lost sense of time. The rocks, pebbles and grasses along the coastline captivate me with their texture, pattern and form, stimulating orderly monochrome thoughts. And the special Hebridean colours paint pictures before my eyes, producing dreamy pastel moments and vivid swirling abstracts.

And amongst all of this there is a chance, if we are quiet, that we will glimpse a hen harrier gliding low over remote and rugged moorland, an otter tumbling in the shallows, a red throated diver feeding and preening just offshore, a pod of porpoises scouting the coastline. And the busy oystercatchers will trill and warn, the ravens will meddle and croak, and the buzzards will mew on the air.

The tapestry is infinite and ever changing, and rich beyond words…

This is now a relatively small gallery - as my work becomes more abstract and impressionistic, many more images can be found in Hebridean Abstracts and Monochrome Hebrides.

Please click on individual images to view more fully.

Fly Benbecula II
Fly Benbecula I
Bound for the isles
Northton Meadow Isle of Harris
Lichen details
Lichen sparklers
Orchid Machair
Thrift View
Thrift Sands
Earth Challenge
Toe Head Contours Isle of Harris
Lazy Beds Toe Head Isle of Harri...
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