Plant details, abstract impressions, and occasional other close-up studies.

My fascination with plants - their leaves, flowers, bark, seed heads, buds - takes me to another world, full of microhabitats, intricate detail, and endless possibilities...

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Daisy Love VII
Daisy Love XV
Daisy Love XVI
Meadow Haze IV
Meadow Haze III
Meadow Haze II
Sakura Whisper V
Sakura Whisper IV
Sakura Whisper III
Sakura Whisper II
Daydreaming in shades of blue VI...
Daydreaming in shades of blue IX
Daydreaming in shades of blue X
Windflower through blue I
Windflower through blue II
Thrift Triptych
Magnolia I
Magnolia II
Where the windflowers grow V
Where the windflowers grow IV
Where the windflowers grow III
Where the windflowers grow II
Where the windflowers grow I
Cherry Plum
Rudbeckia Haze I
Rudbeckia Haze II
Burnet Haze
Summer Greens I
Shimmering on a breeze II
Intricate Entangle II
Summer tick tock III
Alliums IV
Allium Haze II
Allium Haze III
Bluebell II
Hepatica Haze
Snowdrop Haze
Late Winter Newby Hall and Garde...
Hydrangea Light
Spring Flowers Newby Hall and Ga...
Summer Newby Hall and Gardens
Early Autumn Newby Hall and Gard...
Fair daisy I
Fair daisy II
Fair daisy III
Daisy Haze
Daisy Delight
Barley Stars
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