Plant details, abstract impressions, and occasional other close-up studies.

My fascination with plants - their leaves, flowers, bark, seed heads, buds - takes me to another world, full of microhabitats, intricate detail, and endless possibilities...

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When the rain stops I
When the rain stops II
When the rain stops III
When the rain stops V
When the rain stops VII
When the rain stops VIII
Tulipa I
Tulipa III
Tulipa V
Tulipa VI
Tulipa VIII
Tulipa X
Lightness of Blue I
Lightness of Blue VI
Lightness of Blue VII
Lightness of Blue VIII
Lightness of Blue XI
Lightness of Blue XIV
Camassia X
Camassia IX
Camassia V
Camassia IV
Camassia II
Camassia I
Tick Tock XVII
Tick Tock XIV
Tick Tock XII
Tick Tock XI
Tick Tock X
Tick Tock IX
Tick Tock I
Tick Tock VII
Tick Tock VI
Tick Tock V
Tick Tock IV
Tick Tock II
Purity VIII
Purity VI
Purity VII
Purity V
Purity I
Purity IX
All about Alliums V
All about Alliums IV
All about Alliums I
Crocus II
Crocus III
Crocus I
Fair Maids of February VII
Fair Maids of February V
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