This is one of my absolute favourite subjects - trees follow and reflect the changing seasons so intimately that I simply love to be amongst them. Their form, texture, colours, inter-relationships and seasonal variations are so rich with inspiration for abstract image making that I return to favourite woodlands over and over, much like revisiting old friends.

Intentional camera movement and multiple exposure techniques offer so many extra dimensions for abstract tree photography that the possibilities become endless. Joyful experimentation of ideas evoked by the spirit, mood and magic of trees allows image making where much is left to the imagination of the viewer, inviting journeys through memories and daydreams.

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Betula Light
Walking through Winter Birch VII
Walking through Winter Birch II
Walking through Winter Birch III
Walking through Winter Birch IV
Walking through Winter Birch V
In an Autumn Garden X
In an Autumn Garden IX
In an Autumn Garden VIII
Leafy Glade I
Leafy Glade II
Leafy Glade IV
Winter Larch Triptych
Golden Leaf on Silver Stem I
Golden Leaf on Silver Stem II
Birch Screen V
Birch Screen VI
Birch Screen VII
Birch Screen VIII
Birch Screen IX
Leaf Lights I
Cherry Layers III
Catkins on a high wind
Birch Bliss
Alder blue
Winter Dreams
Twilight birch
Birch Batik Skies
Halloween birch
Birch Screen I
Birch Screen II
Birch Screen IV
November birch I
November birch II
November birch IV
To catch a leaf and make a wish
Light through the trees II
Beginning of summer's end
Birch over bluebell I
Birch over bluebell II
Birch over bluebell III
Birch over bluebell IV
Birch blue
February snow dreams
Snow flurry
Hushed tones of wintertime
Cool hues of winter
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